My path

Before running the successful Coaching and Training business, Inspire Coaching GmbH in Basel, I profited from nearly 30 years in global corporate organisations, mostly in the pharmaceutical sector, including BioTech. Starting in Sales and then Marketing, I moved in to Internal Communications in 1998.

A move away from the hustle and bustle of sales and marketing in to one that gave me deeper insights into other areas of the business like, R&D, late stage Chemical Development, and Global Supply.

My first foray in to the coaching world started with the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment which had a profound affect on my life. It was here that I realised that I really was in the wrong job. I got so much more energy from the informal coaching that I had been doing and the report from Gallup spelt that out. So, when the opportunity presented itself I retrained as a Psychological Coach and started my own coaching practice.

Since then my studies have helped me understand Emotional Intelligence (RocheMartin), and I became the first Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach in Switzerland.

In 2012 I became an NLP Master Coach and in 2014 Certified Trainer and Coach Trainer for NLP too, and now run NLP certification courses for others at the Centre for NLP. My most recent, and potentially most fascinating tool for use with clients is the Integrative Enneagram.

These days my coaching is far reaching as I help my clients gain their own deeper insights into what stops them from getting what they want. Anything from getting on board a plane to landing their dream job or promotion and particularly moving people, teams, and organizations from Stress to Strength.

Martin has the amazing ability to get the best out of people on the short term but at the same time make his inputs go deep into one’s personality and last in time.


My mission is to help clients to evaluate their lives across several domains (i.e., work, home, emotional, and physical well-being) and to develop positive coping strategies, feel more in control through our powerful programmes.


To be the leading centre of expertise in the World specializing in Stress Management by delivering our effective programmes.

To help improve relationships and empower individuals to have healthier and happier lives.


The value of self-reflection and self-awareness is well known. The exhortation from Socrates to “Know Thyself” reverberates across the history of philosophy, as a reminder to reflect on our life’s mission and the strategies we use to attain it.  Gaining clarity on core values and a philosophical worldview, helps individuals develop steadiness in the face of stressful events.

the purpose of my programs


Exploration of the meaning of Stress and Resilience through words and imagery


Stressors and current ways of coping using the Multimodal-Transactional model of stress, coping and performance


Developing a stress-free relationship with our self through examining thinking errors


Understanding personality types and locus of control


Maintaining a resilient self


Increasing our resilience level


Focusing and taking action on what is important


Taking care of our self


Using our inner coach


Choosing our reaction to things


Key learning and action planning

My experience with coaching in the past was, that the received inputs lasted during the coaching time but not any longer. Martin has the amazing ability to get the best out of people on the short term but at the same time make his inputs go deep into one’s personality and last in time. His outstanding versatility allows him to know where to go in depth and on what topics to focus, which is a rare ability in coaches. I am extremely happy to have worked with Martin for my TEDx talk; without Martin I could have never reached the result I did.

Martin is highly professional who quickly touches the spot and starts his coaching from there. He adapts his style to the needs of the client and therefore first successes will come fast. He also offers different coaching approaches, which include timeline therapy and hypnotherapy, worth thinking about and experience.

I engaged Martin as an executive coach to help me through a number of personal and business challenges. Using his skills as an NLP Master Practitioner, he was able to guide me through some difficult problems that included identifying and performing the appropriate interventions needed to address my issues. He has excellent inter-personal and listening skills and I would highly recommend him as a life or executive coach.

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