Should You Be Part Of The Change?

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Should You Be Part Of The Change?

It doesn’t matter where you look, but if you look, the reports on the financial cost of poor mental well-being on industry is phenomenal. Most of the data produced tend to be focused around the USA but more recently data from Europe has been showing up. For example the report from Mind Matters published in May 2021 shows that if you are in Germany, poor mental health at work costs on average €1,900-2,400 per employee each year (more if you are paying above the average wage). Multiply this by the number of people in your organization and the number is shocking…

It’s a staggering figure, isn’t it, and comes right off of the bottom line. 

The odd thing is a lot of employers have programs in place to help improve the mental well-being of their employees, and so you might wonder why theses figures are so bad.

After some in depth discussion with like minded professionals a couple of things come to my mind. If you are leader in an organisation you may want to ask yourself these questions.

1) Is your program measurable? That’s to say can employees directly measure the effectiveness of the tools and techniques that come with the wellness program you’ve chosen? If not…it should. We offer a robust self assessment and bio feedback technology as part of the Clear Your Head to Get Ahead program.

2) Are the tools and techniques being explained through the wellness program’s workshops being embraced and embedded as part of the “way we do things” around here? If not why not? If you are not careful the workshops will go like so many other trainings and become just something we did…box ticked! Is that good enough?

3) Arguably the most important question…Is this something you are doing for your employees or are you, as a leader in the organisation, taking part too? Is this something I am gifting you or WE are doing this together? Crucially, and in my experience, getting the first 2 points right matter for very little if the leaders don’t join in as well, aren’t part of the experience.

Please do comment, tell me I’ve not go it quite right but in my experience if you want your wellness program, to build resilience in your workforce, to improve and sustain performance even in adverse conditions, then first pick the right program and secondly, be an active part of bringing it to life.

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