Creating a Better Mood

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Creating a Better Mood

Is it possible to create a better mood for yourself?

And, if you can do it for yourself…can you do it for others?

If it is possible, why isn’t everyone always happy? It seems being happy is preferable to being in a bad mood, isn’t it?

Studies have shown it is possible to improve your mood or emotional state. It can be as simple as thinking you’re in a good mood perhaps by thinking of a time when you were is that lovely space. If you believe it, your attitude will change. In fact, even when you aren’t in a good mood, the simple act of smiling can perk you up. By anchoring that feeling of being in a good mood it’s often easier to get back there when we notice a mood shift.

One reason why people don’t improve their mood more often is that they don’t know they can. From early childhood, we understand that we have different feelings. Sometimes we will be in a good mood and other times we won’t. Parents and teachers told us it’s just the way it is. These days though there has been a huge amount of research into the topic, and not only do we know we can shift our emotional state, and we can also measure it without even leaving our homes.

If you want to better your mood, one option is to start hanging out with upbeat people. Positivity, just like negativity, is contagious. There’s nothing like a sourpuss to bring down a group. These cranky people seem to go out of their way to make sure everyone is miserable. By avoiding these people, if you can, and you will have less chance of being in a bad mood at the start.

Next, create an environment for yourself that lifts your spirits. If a certain type of music gets you pumped, play that music more often. Some people like to burn incense as they feel it can positively alter their moods. Exercise too has been shown to have massive benefits for mood lifting, even a 20 minute walk will do you good.

Now, don’t be put off by this but gratitude is tremendously good for you.  Reflecting on your life and being grateful for what you have. You have a lot to be thankful for if you’re in good health. If your family is in good health, you could also be grateful. Your mood will naturally increase towards the positive when you appreciate such things. The more you practice gratitude the more you will find to be grateful for and the better you will feel for it. It’s a gift that keeps giving.

Worrying about the mundane issues in your life won’t help, sop try not to. These things are going to happen whether you worry or not. Just take care of them so that they aren’t hanging over your head. Don’t let things build to the point that they become a major matter.

It may seem obvious, but do more things that make you happy and less that don’t. It’s not always possible to avoid adverse situations, but you do have control over how you respond to them and can often find ways to make the good out of what was initilally though to be something terrible. Even a loss of a job can bring benefits if you look for them.

Sometimes, all that is needed is to change up your routine. If you are doing the same activities day in and day out, this can make anyone feel in a bad mood. The routine of it all feels relentless. Try stepping up your game and do something out of the ordinary. In fact, make it a point to do this at least once every month.

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