How To Spot Burnout and Take Action Before It’s Too Late

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How To Spot Burnout and Take Action Before It’s Too Late

Burnout is a very serious condition, and once you realize you are caught up in it, it can be difficult to bounce back. That is why it is important to monitor yourself for signs of burnout and take action before it’s too late.


The first sign that you may be headed towards burnout is feeling absolute exhaustion. You literally are, burnout. Nothing left. This exhaustion isn’t the type that is cured by a few extra hours of sleep—rather, you will feel drained all the time. These symptoms may become physical. You may experience pain or stomach problems.

Feeling Anger Towards Others

Because of your exhaustion, you may find yourself purposefully avoiding family members or colleagues who may be difficult to deal with. You may also find yourself snapping at people and taking your anger out on them rather than what is making you angry. Even people you love. If you start feeling angry just being around people who usually make you happy, this is a sure sign that burnout is right around the corner.

Reduced Performance

The final sign that burnout is imminent is when you begin to experience a decline in the quality of the tasks you are completing. This can happen both in your work or your home life. If you notice you don’t have the energy to complete tasks like you used to, it’s probably time to seek help. After all, how can you possibly take great decisions if you are not in your best state possible.

What To Do

When you begin to experience burnout symptoms, you must start to take action right away before it completely takes over your life. The first thing you should do is take a break from whatever may be causing your burnout, whether it is work or something in your home life. Then use this break to catch up on sleep and take care of yourself for once.

After you’ve taken a brief break, it’s time to confront the cause of your burnout, whatever it may be. If your work causes burnout, this is an opportunity to talk to your boss and try to come up with a solution together to keep you from becoming burned out. You may be surprised at the options you didn’t know were possible before.

Overall, burnout is a serious condition that is difficult to escape. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to watch for the signs of a coming burnout. When you notice the symptoms, take immediate action. You may be surprised at how well your actions work in preventing burnout from happening and how much better you will feel afterward.


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