Can You “Bounce Back” from Burnout?

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Can You “Bounce Back” from Burnout?

If you have found yourself feeling burned out, you’re probably feeling pretty hopeless about your situation exhausted and perhaps lost. But don’t worry, because as bad as the condition may feel, there are ways you can recover or, as is commonly said, bounce back from it.

Yes, You Can!

One of the main aspects of burnout is the fact that it is a condition caused by outside influences and your own emotions and actions. Surprising as it may seem  you can control your own emotions and actions. While this might not always seem possible or easy, it does means you can do things that will help you bounce back from burnout. You have to know that you hold power over your life and the power to stop burnout from controlling you.

The Physical Symptoms

If you have a particularly bad case of burnout, you may be feeling some physical symptoms as well, such as fatigue, stomach upset, or you may be getting sick more frequently. The good news is, once you work on managing your stress levels, these physical symptom do reduce and can disappear altogether, and you’ll be back to the way you were before burnout began to wreak havoc in your life. From my own experience and the experience of people I have spoken to and coached this can take some time until you feel fully back to self. Be patient and be kind with yourself.

Putting Yourself First

Although bouncing back from burnout may seem like a daunting task, if you break it down, you’ll find it isn’t too bad after all, especially because you will likely feel slightly better immediately. The first step of overcoming burnout is to step away from what is causing your burnout. So, if this is a job, or your home life, the minute you begin to take a break, you will likely feel refreshed and be able to face the problem in front of you in a new light—and it won’t seem as bad as it did before. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish is responsibility. Let’s face it, if you don’ take care of you firstly no one else will and secondly you can’t be there for anyone else either.

Start Today

Let’s face it, experiencing a burnout isn’t a good experience, and it won’t just go away on its own. Therefore, to recover, recharge and bounce back from your burnout, you must start today. The longer you delay facing the condition of your burnout, the worse you will feel and the harder it may be to face your condition. Owning up to how you are feeling, admitting it to yourself and then to others is hard, I get that, but leaving it and telling yourself “don’t worry…I’ve got this” really doesn’t help. 

Although burnout is a serious condition, there are several ways you can recover from it. First, you have to acknowledge that the physical symptoms will go away as you heal. Then you have to work towards putting a stop to your burnout. This condition won’t go away on its own, so it’s best you start working to conquer your burnout right away.

What Can You Do Now?

If you are reading this and thinking “this is me” take a break. Move away from your device and be still, breath down low and slow and connect with your heart. Sounds a bit woo woo I know, but it’s been measured, tested, and the results really do show this helps. Doing this for just 5 minutes is enough to calm the system and move you into a place of ease where you can take better decisions, to become clear headed. 

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